Tax Preparation

Whether you are a sole-proprietor, shareholder in a corporation, or sit on the board for a non-profit,  income tax preparation is paramount in staying in compliance and keeping out of trouble! If you have received correspondence from taxing authority it is best to respond promptly, and we can help! We will be more than happy to review any correspondence and offer a path to resolution. Our office not only meets deadlines and exceeds expectations, but also stands by the work we do. Writing letters and amending income tax returns is regular and necessary work. Remember, just because you receive a letter from a taxing authority it does not mean that it is correct, or that there is nothing that can be done. Our client base is diverse and is comprised of both personal and business entities along with trusts and non-profit entities. Bring your prior year income tax return into the office and have use review it for errors at no charge to you!